Guest blog

This is a space in which we share short pieces about aspects of rewilding featuring different voices.  That could be a story or an experience written in your own words or some great photos or a maybe a few minutes of video shot to camera on your phone. 

If you have an idea for a contribution then please get in touch via our contact us form.

City of Nature Community Interest Company (CIC)

Introducing a project to transform and rewild the City of Bradford in West Yorkshire.

By Adele Best.

15th March 2024.

Rewilding Hub Launch

Tree Planting Festival at West Chevin Farm.

By Anita Collins.

4th January 2024.

Local Nature Recovery Strategies need you!

Find out how you can have your say on nature recovery and encourage more rewilding.

By Sam Herbert.

29th December 2023.

An unexpected journey (Part 3)

Hilary gets up close and personal with the harvest mouse on release day.

By Hilary Koll.

23rd October 2023.

The aspen tree

A trip to the Scottish Highlands reveals the secrets of one of our rarer native trees and its place in our landscape.

By Debbie Davitt.

22nd October 2023.

Pick of the podcasts

A review of, and links to, a couple of excellent new podcast series.

By John Hartshorn.

29th August 2023.

A celebration of WildSong

A first hand account of the YRN Festival event which brought together music, a storyteller and a beautifully wild woodland.

By Jenny Watson.

26th July 2023.

Neighbours rewilding together

A summer site visit to the gardens of Wilder Ewden and Wharncliffe in South Yorkshire.

By George Valentine.

21st July 2023.

An unexpected journey (Part 2)

More fascinating details about harvest mice and their reintroduction.

By Hilary Koll.

14th July 2023.

Rewilding Youth

A wonderful initiative creating opportunities for young people in Hull to connect to nature

By Dr. Charlotte Dean.

3rd May 2023.

Why a rewilding festival?

Spreading hope and ideas with events all over Yorkshire.

By Samantha Mennell.

1st March 2023.

England ELMs update – February 2023

Important updates on the Environmental Land Management Scheme and what it means for rewilding.

By Sarah King.

26th February 2023.

An unexpected journey (Part 1)

A rewilded field dominated by cocksfoot grass provides a surprising opportunity.

By Hilary Koll.

24th February 2023.

2,000 trees and counting

Meet an inspiring woman doing her bit for nature recovery.

By Janet Willoner.

29th November 2022.

What is a map?

The importance of mapping for Rewilding and how you can get started.

By John Hartshorn.

24th November 2022.

The story of our wildflower meadow

How a field was transformed into a haven for wildlife.

By Samantha Mennell.

29th September 2022.

Broughton Sanctuary: Inner and Outer Rewilding

A place for nature to recover and for us to reconnect.

By Kate Graham.

28th September 2022.

Rewilding in Action Site Visit (Ben Rhydding)

A visit to an inspirational garden which has made space for wildlife, and then some!.

By Georgina Valentine.

28th July 2022.

‘Walk for Wilding’ at Glen Affric

A fundraising trek with experts through a landscape recovering and flourishing.

By Georgina Valentine.

19th July 2022.

Volunteering at the ‘A Rewilding Britain Landscape’ garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

An account of helping out at Rewilding Britain’s “Best In Show” winning garden.

By Kate Graham.

30th June 2022.

Rewilding a garden – a step by step guide, Part 2

Detailed pointers on how to create a wildlife pond in your garden, regardless of size.

By Ed Bailey.

21st June 2022.

YRN Tour of Southern Scotland, April 2022

An engaging account of a 4-day tour of rewilding projects of various sizes.

By John Hartshorn.

20th May 2022.

Rewilding Children Activities

A fantastic selection of activities to do with children to have fun and engage them with the natural world.

By Sarah Mason.

7th May 2022.

Rewilding a garden – a step by step guide

Part 1 of an insight into how a professional landscaper creates a rewilded garden.

By Ed Bailey.

5th May 2022.

A rewilding garden at the Chelsea Flower Show

Details on the Rewilding Britain garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

By Kate Graham.

26th April 2022.

Forest schools

A quick explainer into how to reconnect children with nature by learning together and through forest schools.

By Sarah Mason.

25th February 2022.

Winter promises of what is to come with rewilding at Laver House Farm

Adding more life to a farm in North Yorkshire through tree and wildflower planting and reduced grazing.

By Su and James Wood (YRN Smallholders group).

2nd February 2022.

On balance – Part 4

Winter – a time for reflection in the rewilders garden.

By Rachel.

1st February 2022.

Rewilding preschool children

An inspiring account of letting children be children by enjoying and learning about nature.

By Sarah Mason.

18th November 2021.

On balance – Part 3

Autumn – the dilemmas of what to tidy and what to leave be.

By Rachel.

21st September 2021.

Natural flood management and rewilding

Explaining the benefits of natural flood management and how it aligns with core rewilding principles.

By Caine Blythe.

29th July 2021.

On balance – Part 2

Summer – the season of wild eating and sharing the garden’s bounty.

By Rachel.

24th July 2021.

A-Z of my nature walk

A charming poem.

By Ellen, aged 11.

21st June 2021.

On balance – Part 1

The first in an entertaining series of blogs offering a refreshing look at what it means to rewild on a garden scale.

By Rachel.

23rd May 2021.

Spiral down

The ‘shifting baseline syndrome’ – how we view the world around us.

By John Hartshorn, YRN Trustee.

20th April 2021.

Who shares your garden?

The mysteries revealed by using camera traps.

By Florian Graber, YRN volunteer.

28th March 2021.

A celebration of World Rewilding Day 2021 in birdsong

Recorded early in the morning on World Rewilding Day 2021, this sound clip is of the birds in my garden.

By Debbie Davitt YRN Trustee.

20th March 2021.