Connecting, inspiring and enabling rewilding throughout Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Rewilding Network aims to bring together anyone in the region who has an interest in rewilding — to inspire one-another, share knowledge and experience, and work towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all inhabitants… be they creatures great or small.

We believe in a nature-first approach to land care and management — from urban gardens to 1,000-acre farms, coastal waters to upland dales — one that allows Yorkshire’s diverse mosaic of habitats to thrive, and all communities living within them to flourish.

Whether you have a patio, an allotment, a grand estate or oodles of passion, you CAN make a difference. Rewilding works at every scale. The real power lies in joining the dots — connecting the places and people working towards a common goal: a Yorkshire teeming with life at every level.

That’s where we come in…

[Main image: M.C.Megson]


We want to bring Rewilding to the forefront in Yorkshire by connecting like-minded people across the region. Whether you’re actively rewilding or learning about it for the first time, our network is a place to share ideas and experiences, find out about projects near you, learn more about ways that you can get involved and be inspired to take action.


What is rewilding?

For us, rewilding is bringing nature back home. We want to kickstart processes that allow nature to reinstate itself, to flourish and change, to fill the gaps and diversify, to generate abundance.