We want to bring Rewilding to the forefront in Yorkshire by connecting like-minded people across the region. Whether you’re actively rewilding or learning about it for the first time, our network is a place to share ideas and experiences, find out about projects near you, learn more about ways that you can get involved and be inspired to take action.

The charity Rewilding Britain is establishing a national rewilding network and information hub.  We are working closely with them to expand support for rewilding at a more local level to create a more diverse and balanced community of plants, animals and humans across the nation.

People are crucial to this. Rewilding embraces everyone’s connection to the land – whether you live, work in, or visit Yorkshire’s varied beautiful landscapes, we want you to experience a rich diversity of natural life that brings health, cultural and economic benefits to all.

We’re determined to improve the diversity and inclusion of our network as we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to engage with rewilding.

What we mean by diversity: We welcome people of all races, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, disability, gender, sexual orientation, social background or age.

What we mean by inclusion: Taking deliberate action to create an environment where everyone feels respected, able to contribute and enjoys a sense of belonging.

We believe that not all communities currently have equal access. We want to understand and address the reasons for this and reach out widely to share our passion for the natural world.

[Main image: Broughton Hall Estate]