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From webinars to (post-pandemic!) site visits, we hope you’ll find the events that we will organise useful. Although we’ll tweet, post news items, and send updates by email, remember to also check back here regularly for the current list.

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Helping farmers to manage their environmental assets

Tuesday, 16th November, 2021, 19.30 to 20.30.

Join us for a live webinar presented by Tarja Wilson, Land Management Adviser, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Tarya Wilson

The majority of the land in the Yorkshire Dales National Park is privately owned and managed by farmers; farming in the uplands is challenging, both physically and economically.  Find out how the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority provides support with surveys and on the grants/schemes available to farmers and landowners to manage their environmental assets and secure good conservation management.

Tarja was born on a dairy farm in Cheshire moving to North Lancashire in 1990 to work in countryside management. She has been working with farmers in North Lancashire and more recently the Yorkshire Dales for over 30 years.

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