Here are some links to other organisations and places around Yorkshire and beyond which you might find interesting.

Rewilding Organisations

Rewilding Projects & Businesses

Sources of information & inspiration

Rewilding Britain have some great resources which they are adding to all the time, here are just a couple:

How to start rewilding – which includes an excellent ’12 steps to rewilding’ to get you started

Rewilding the land – which includes small and garden scale rewilding as well as wetlands, woodlands and water:

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Oxford Real Farming Conference Global 2021

Over 150 events available to watch.  There is a wide range of content covering everything from regenerative farm practice to climate justice and indigenous knowledge.  A good resource to find out about less intensive land management methods that may complement rewilding.  Released to the public February 2021.

Rebecca Hosking at the ORFC 2021 looks at the state of the human/nature relationship in a witty and pertinent way.  As featured in the YRN February 2021 Newsletter.