Guest blog: Local Nature Recovery Strategies need you!

by Sam Herbert

29th December, 2023

Take a moment to help shape nature’s recovery in Yorkshire

Admittedly, Government policy isn’t always the most exciting topic, but Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) are worth paying attention to. These new plans will map how we can restore and protect nature across the country. There are 48 responsible authorities who must create an LNRS for their allocated region – and together these make up a strategy to support nature’s recovery that covers the whole of England. This will help to create a coherent and coordinated plan for nature, supporting better decision-making for our wildlife and helping to ensure nature gets a seat at the table when new developments or changes in management of our land and sea are being discussed.

Credit:  Jeroen Helmer/Rewilding Britain

It’s the first time nature has had this kind of recognition from Government, making it a really big step forwards in terms of policy that supports wildlife. These LNRSs are being created right now, and the process involves a consultation to get the perspectives of members of the public, landowners and various experts (such as academics, environmental professionals and charity organisations) as well as opportunities to get involved in workshops and advisory panels. Some LNRS consultations are already open for public comment and others will be launched in the coming weeks.

There are four LNRSs being created in the Yorkshire area:

  • North Yorkshire and York
  • Hull and East Yorkshire
  • South Yorkshire
  • West Yorkshire

Over the next few weeks they’ll be gathering information about what’s important to people, what needs to be prioritised and details about specific opportunities and needs for each area. This is where your voices are needed!

Take a moment to look at the ways you can add your thoughts, insight and knowledge to the consultation for whichever LNRS is local to you – the more we can contribute to efforts like these, the more chance there is of future funding, support and opportunities for rewilding.

Please click on the title below to find out more for each area:

Click on the following link for more information about:  Local Nature Recovery Strategies