General Election 2024

There is a General Election on Thursday 4th July 2024 (just in case you hadn’t noticed…).

Politicians will be out and about talking to voters and finding out what matters to them… so let’s tell them!

YRN would like your help to tell every political candidate in Yorkshire:

  • how important nature recovery is
  • how rewilding can play a massive part in that recovery
  • that you want government policies and action that enable nature to thrive

Below we give you some ideas on how to do that. Make it personal if you can, tell them why you care about biodiversity and climate change.

Remember: when humans want to, we change things for the better.

  • Contact the electoral candidates who are standing in your constituency and tell them nature recovery is important and why.
  • Find out where your local hustings will be, attend, and ask questions.
  • Speak to any canvassers on your doorstep about environmental issues.
  • Vote! Use your voice and your vote to promote rewilding, climate change, and environmental policies.

You can find the contact details of each candidate by entering your post code in the form above in step one. Then use our template letter as a starting point, or write your own letter if you prefer. If you change the words or add your own thoughts the message will be more personal and will carry more weight.

Please CC us ( into the email or letter – it will have more impact and raise awareness about the network.

Rewilding Britain Rewilding Manifesto
The Rewilding Britain 30% Rewilding manifesto has five key calls to action to create positive and inclusive change:

State of Yorkshire’s Nature report
The first ever region-wide State of Yorkshire’s Nature report has analysed data and information on Yorkshire’s wildlife. Link :

What election issues really matter to you?
Are you concerned by the media’s coverage (or lack of) of environmental issues? Let the BBC know by clicking the following image…

For MPs seeking re-election, you can also check your most recent MP’s voting record on environmental issues.

Click on the map markers to see a link to their voting record. Please note that these are the MPs that were in your constituencies up to the dissolution of parliament and that constituency boundaries may have now changed.

The links are from TheyWorkForYou, which is a service from the following charity:

VoteClimate has produced a table of scores for how MPs have voted on climate related issues since 2010. It’s presented ranked from highest score to lowest, with ratings given as “Very Good”, “Good”, “Medium”, or “Anti”, and the methodology is explained in the introductory paragraph.

Click this logo to go to the table: